Engineering Career Services

at Illinois

Bardeen.Quad.OneIn Engineering Career Services, we are committed to producing the best outcomes for our students at Illinois.

From the minute you step on campus, you can utilize our resources for searching for internships and co-ops, creating résumés and cover letters, and finding your dream job. Additionally, we cultivate strong, lasting relationships with the top companies in engineering in order to pass those networks on to you.

The education, experiences, and resources at Engineering at Illinois will prepare you to hit the ground running upon graduation. Our students:

  • Receive 2+ job offers per student, on average
  • Earn $63,744 average starting salary, >10% above national average
  • Are Top 5 among engineering students most prepared for the workforce, according to a Wall Street Journal survey of employers

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Our students are highly recruited and successful upon graduation. See where they go and their average salaries by major.

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