Medical School

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone! 

A decision to pursue a career in the health professions requires careful preparation and self-evaluation.  It involves assessing your strengths, interests, and values.  It is crucial to give this thought now, before you begin to invest energy, time, and money towards obtaining a career in medicine.

Engineering students interested in a health-related career may pursue any of the majors offered by the College of Engineering.  While some majors have more overlap with coursework required for pre-health, it is important for every student to select the engineering major best suited for their interests and strengths.

Engineering Career Services provides a variety of resources for engineering students to help along the way.   Premed career advising services are designed to be utilized in conjunction with departmental academic advising.

To meet with an ECS Premed Career Advisor, schedule your appointment on Handshake @ Illinois.

An ECS premed career advisor can provide information on:

  • Professional school admissions tests (MCAT)
  • Guidance in making application to professional schools (application timeline and process)
  • Guidance about letters of recommendation/evaluation
  • Information on post-baccalaureate programs
  • Information on summer internship opportunities
  • AMCAS and AACOMAS application services
  • Fee Assistance Programs
  • Shadowing and other health-related experiences
  • Personal Statement review

Premed workshops and drop-in premed advising sessions are held throughout the academic year.

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