Career Development Workshops

We regularly offer workshops that address topics such as résumé writing, interview techniques, and negotiation strategies. 
If you are part of an organization that is interested in having an ECS staff member present a workshop to your group, please send your request to or call (217) 333-1960.

Company/Program Information Sessions and Networking Events

Networking with company representatives and potential employers is a great investment of your time. You will not only learn more about industry trends and company culture, but you will make connections with individuals who are looking to grow their companies. Company/Program information sessions and company-/program-sponsored events are great opportunities to networking with professions, connect with potential employers, build your career skills, and learn about industry trends and the culture of companies.
We host the companies from all industries, including IBM, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Akuna Capital, San Diego Gas & Electric, and many more.
To view the most current details of each information session or networking event, please log on to your I-Link account.  Remember to also check out information sessions and networking events offered through other career services offices, all of which are posted on I-Link.

Career Development Opportunities with Companies

Leadership camps or retreats allow extended time to learn from and network with companies that interest you. These often focus on leadership, women in engineering, and diversity initiatives. Recent activities have been hosted by Goldman Sachs, Nestle, and other international brands.

Graduate School Information Sessions

Thinking about grad school? We host sessions for our own programs in Engineering at Illinois, as well as for the top programs in the nation. You’ll learn more about the requirements to attend, as well as program focus and how to personalize the degree to your professional goals. 
Recent programs included our M.S. in Financial Engineering, the M.S. in Entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame, and the M.S. in Law from Northwestern University Law School.


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