Travel/Parking Information

Engineering Career Services (ECS) is located in 3270 Digital Computer Lab (DCL), 1304 W. Springfield Avenue in Urbana, Illinois. All College of Engineering interviews scheduled through ECS are held in our 39-room interview suite adjacent to the ECS office.

  • DCL is located 4 blocks west of Lincoln Avenue on the north side of the street, across from the Grainger Engineering Library, at the corner of Springfield and Mathews Avenue.
  • Engineering Career Services is located within DCL in the southeast corner of the building on the 3rd floor.

The “Visit Champaign County” website ( has detailed information on getting to Champaign-Urbana, hotels/lodging, and if time allows things to do during your trip.


PayByPhone is the most convenient option for parking on our campus. There are two available options to pay by phone depending on your parking location. If you are parked in a University Parking Lot, follow directions for Option 1 below. If you are parked at a metered location on the street, follow directions for Option 2 below.

OPTION 1 (University Parking Lot)

Call the number on the meter from your cell phone. Or you can Download the free app, or use the mobile web ( PayByPhone users love the text message reminders as well as the ability to add more time from anywhere without having to rush back to the meter. Other great features include email receipts (ideal for submitting travel expenses), managing your account online, and adding multiple vehicles.
The PayByPhone meters are located in campus lot B1 (located at the south end of the parking lot across the street from DCL) and in campus lot B4 (which is the parking garage located at the corner of University Avenue and Goodwin/Mathews). Make sure you park at a meter with an “I” on it (if you park anywhere else in the lot you will get ticketed). Here’s a map of the campus lots B1 and B4:  DCL Parking Lot Map.

OPTION 2 (Street metered parking)

Download the free app, or visit Please note the Zone you are parked in (indicated on signs along the street) as well as your meter number as you will need to enter both along with payment information and license number.
If you prefer, you may still pay with change at street metered parking on two sides of our building; cost is $1 per hour for up to 10 hours. There is a change machine in Grainger Library across the street, southside.

Other options:  Hampton Inn Hotel and the Illini Union Hotel both offer complimentary parking to hotel guests and are within a 5-minute walk to DCL.


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