The Elevator Pitch

When searching for a job, an elevator pitch can be one of your greatest tools. It is a short, concise speech that you use to describe who you are, why you are interested in a particular job, and what skills you have to offer.

Prepare to share it in the time it takes to go from one floor to another in an elevator. It needs to be told in a natural, interesting way that includes something memorable about you.

Your entire elevator pitch will be a mini presentation that you are able to give on the fly in response to those all-too-common questions “what do you do?” or “tell me about yourself.” Your pitch should be planned and rehearsed, BUT should sound natural and spontaneous.

You will use your elevator pitch frequently, e.g. in networking situations and during interviews. Crafting an elevator pitch takes some time, but with some introspection and self-assessment, developing your elevator pitch does not have to be difficult.

Questions To Get Started

1. What is the focus of your search?
2. What skills/experiences can you offer that would benefit the company?
3. What differentiates you from your peers?
4. Why are you interested in the company/job?