Departmental Liaisons

Faculty and Staff Overview

ECS is committed to being a valuable partner for faculty and staff working in the College of Engineering’s many academic departments and programs. Learn more about ECS by browsing through our pages or set up an appointment with your college liaison to get a one-on-one introduction to the many ways ECS can help your students.

Liaison Program

Each member of the ECS advising staff serves as a liaison to one or more academic departments to share mutually beneficial information, referrals, programs and services. Your ECS Liaison is the link to an extensive range of services and resources offered by Engineering Career Services. Liaisons focus on improving services to their assigned departments, communicating ECS resources and opportunities and provide staff and faculty with a personal point of contact. In addition, Liaisons are available to meet with faculty and staff about departmental needs, are able to present workshops to classes or at orientations and can work with RSOs to ensure that students are career ready.

Name of Department



ABE Lauren Stites
Aero Lauren Stites
BioE Kristina Wright 
ChBE Amy Freuhling 
Civil Lauren Stites
CS Amy Freuhling 
ECE Amy Freuhling 
Engineering Physics Kristina Wright 
ILEE Lauren Stites
ISE Maddie Darling 
MatSE Kristina Wright 
MechSE Maddie Darling 
MSFE Kristina Wright 
NPRE Kristina Wright