Internships & Co-ops

Internships (summer or semester) and co-ops are vital experiences that you can begin acquiring as early as the summer of your first year on campus.  Internships and co-ops provide you with a competitive advantage when seeking full-time careers in industry and can enable you to gain up to a full year of professional work.  Participating in an internship or co-op allows you the opportunity to gain practical experience and to explore engineering-related fields in-depth.

Benefits of participating in an internship or co-op:

  • Gain practical experience in an engineering or engineering-related field
  • Earn money as part of your internship/co-op (typical salary range = $12-25 per hour)
  • Develop and fine tune your communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and organizational skills, as well as your sense of initiative
  • Build and apply technical knowledge and skills
  • Identify and refine your career goals

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ENG 310 Internship/Co-op Policy and Registration Instructions

Attention: Falsifying information on registration forms can result in termination of an F-1 Visa.

ENG 310 Registration Request
Remote/Virtual internships/co-ops will not be approved, there are no exceptions.

May 28th is the last day to submit a request for Summer 2018 ENG 310 (CRN: 30134) approval.
Approvals for Eng 310 take up to 5 business days.  Visit 206 Engineering Hall if you have questions about your Eng 310 registration request.

The Printable Copy of ENG 310 Course Policy contains a checklist to request registration approval

       Any questions about CPT should be directed to ISSS.

All students (domestic and international) must seek approval from the College of Engineering to register for ENG 310 each term by filling out the ENG 310 Registration Request. Students who are approved to register for ENG 310 must adhere to the course policies listed above.  No exceptions will be given.  

Effective Summer 2017 for ENG 510: The Office of Engineering Graduate, Professional and Online programs will effectively be in charge of the ENG 510 course starting with summer 2017 term.  Therefore, any international students who would like to sign up for ENG 510 for summer 2017 term and forward will need to work through that office.  Review the policy and instructions for how to register for ENG 510 through the Office of Engineering Graduate, Professional, and Online programs: ENG 510-Curricular Practical Training Policy-Final

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