What You Do

Engineers in this industry draw heavily from their math and programming classes to work on algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading is a form of technical trading that makes pre-programmed decisions in the stock market. Algorithmic trading is used by large companies that buy and sell often in order to get the best price. The development of complex formulas is needed for companies to succeed in algorithmic trading.


  • Manage risk for Client X by monitoring pre-programmed trades in the stock market
  • Spot trends in the technical trades for optimization
  • Manage scripts/tools to facilitate error-free processes
  • Recommend application design for metrics and configuration

Majors & Classes

You’ll need a strong knowledge of programming. The technical trading world draws from computer science, electrical engineering, and computer engineering.


  • Technical Trader
  • Software Developer
  • Index Options Trader
  • Senior WPF Developer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Algorithmic Trading System Developer

Student Example

Spot Trading partners with Illinois Computer Science students

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