Technical Sales

What You Do

Technical sales is a fantastic industry for someone interested in both engineering and the world of business and sales. Like other engineering industries, in technical sales you get to interact with fascinating technology, and it is your job to understand every detail of how and why that technology works. But, technical sales also comes with the excitement of sales: travel, presentations, conferences, etc.

Some examples of positions in technical sales:

  • Sales engineer
  • Product manager
  • Systems engineer
  • Technical account manager

Sample Problem

Your company sells MRI Scanning Machines, and your sales team has established a relationship with a potential customer. Now you must provide demonstrations of the technology, being able to answer high-level questions from the technicians who will be using the machine. You may also give a presentation explaining both how the machine operates and why the customer should ultimately purchase it.

Majors & Classes

Often times, people in this industry already possess considerable experience in the engineering field – or specifically with a certain technology – and have decided to take that experience and knowledge into sales. That being said, essentially any engineering degree would be a good start to landing a job in sales down the road.

Administrative jobs, however, are more involved in the big picture. For this, a degree in industrial, systems, or general engineering could be more directly useful.

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