National Laboratories

What You Do

Fermilab, a national laboratory in Illinois, houses the famous particle accelerator is located. National laboratories are research and development hubs around the country that are funded by the government. The goals of the laboratories are to conduct research, explore U.S energy independence, secure U.S defense strategies, and create innovative technology. There are 17 laboratories, each with their own scientific focus.

In a national laboratory, you’ll be working alongside some of the top scientists in the nation. Together, you’ll work on research, design, and innovation.

Sample Projects

  • Turn algae into bio-crude oil through chemical processes
  • Study the effects of space radiation on the human body
  • Investigate neutrino science with the use of a particle accelerator
  • Develop nanomaterials for national defense purposes

Majors & Classes

Engineers from any discipline can work in a national laboratory. The labs research and design in almost all fields.


Depending on your career goals, you may start out as a researcher and move on to become director of a certain department with experience.

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