What You Do

Insurance companies hire engineers from specialized industries. They need engineers who understand their engineering field well so that they can make the best assessments for their clients.

Assessing risk will be a large part of your work. Your experience in research and design will help you in the insurance industry. You’ll also need to be an adept communicator when talking to clients and explaining a client’s situation to the underwriters.

Overall, you would need to understand their customer’s business and assess the risks for their insurance companies.

Sample Projects

  • Assess a failure in a power plant
  • Renegotiate insurance contract terms with changes in safety implements on a bridge
  • Inspect a line of insured Boeing airplanes for any possible fire hazard situations
  • Visit a biological waste system and inspect their sprinkler system for any hazards

Majors & Classes

Degrees for engineers in the insurance industry tend to cluster around civil, mechanical, aerospace, electrical, nuclear and industrial engineering. Usually an engineer has experience in their field before they move on to insurance.


  • Equipment Breakdown Risk Engineer
  • Oil and Gas Risk Engineer
  • Pipeline Integrity Risk Engineer
  • Lead Risk Analyst
  • Process Safety Engineer

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