What You Do

Engineers in the energy industry have an array of fields they can go into, from oil to nuclear to renewable. As the industry searches for alternatives, engineers are highly sought to find energy solutions.

In the oil industry, you’ll work on all processes identifying reserves, extracting petroleum, and refining petroleum. The work environment varies. You’ll be visiting drilling sites outside, while also working in your office or in the lab.

In the nuclear energy industry, you’ll be working at nuclear power plants helping with maintenance, safety, and construction.

In the renewable energy system, you’ll work on converting natural resources into fuel. New processes are needed to increase alternative fuel options. From wind turbines to solar panels, it’s an exciting field that is always expanding.

If you have an interest in how the world is powered, this career track might be for you!

Possible Projects

  • Supervise a drill site for safety implements (timing and pressure of drill/location of workers)
  • Create reports on the output of wells and predict trends
  • Find feasible drilling sites
  • Implement systems to test crude oil for viability
  • Design and create nuclear reactors
  • Oversee nuclear operations for safety
  • Research efficient conversion of biomass- to-fuel methods
  • Design solar panels for increased efficiency
  • Design wind turbines and oversee implementation

Majors & Classes

You’ll draw from nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, geology, electrical engineering, mechanical and civil engineering for these industries. Another degree to consider is Energy Systems.  You’ll learn about Earth processes and the societal issues that energy is currently dealing with.

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