What You Do

Automotive engineers design, develop, and produce vehicles and their constituent parts. Products can range from high-performance motorsports to mass transit vehicles, as well as retail vehicles.

Factors of vehicle design include:

  • Bodywork fuel technology and emissions
  • Electronics and control systems
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Aerodynamics

The diversity of these factors makes automotive engineering a melting pot of disciplines, allowing automotive engineers to develop and experiment with an array of emergent technologies. If you are interested in cars, chances are you would have a blast in this industry.

Sample Problem

A vehicle’s performance on wet, uneven, and off-road surfaces needs to be determined. You design tests to measure the forces acting upon the vehicle in those situations. Then, you carry out those tests (yourself, or perhaps in a computer simulation). Lastly, you collect and analyze the data, and draw a conclusion towards the vehicle’s performance.

Majors & Classes

Mechanical, electrical, industrial systems, or general engineering

Automotive engineering is also a unique combination of technological advancement and consumer-based design. Engineers must develop a product that both performs well and is desirable to the consumer.


  • Process and Quality Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Assembly Engineer
  • Stamping Engineer
  • Electronics Hardware Engineer
  • Test Engineer

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